The Day Camp at Crystal Pond

Daily Activities


Our waterfront is led by excellent, experienced staff!  Our waterfront director and team of lifeguards instruct all campers in Red Cross swimming lessons.  Campers also enjoy free swim in beautiful Crystal Pond.  There are always lots of extra activities going on down on the beach as well - like sandcastle building contests and more!  The waterfront is definitely the place to be on a hot day!



What do campers do in Outdoor Adventures?  A little bit of everything!  Campers enjoy boating, fishing, hiking, team-building games, kayak excursions on the lake, and more!  Our campers always say this is one of their favorite activities of the day!



Team Sports is held daily on our upper playing field.  Campers enjoy playing a variety of age-appropriate games like Capture-the-Flag, Dodge Ball, soccer, kickball, Poison Ball, and more.  On hot days, the Sports Staff breaks out the Slip N' Slide or other water games for campers to enjoy.  There is always a lot of healthy competition and team work up on the sports field!



Drama, drama, drama!  Drama is an activity you can hear throughout camp!  There is always something exciting going on - like improv games, singing, freeze dancing, and play performances.  Last year's performances included crazy, camper-created invention commercials.  Whatever is going on in drama, it's high energy and a lot of fun!



 What's a traditional day camp without arts and crafts?  Our arts and crafts cabin is always busy!  Typical projects include tie-dye day, fabric painting, pirate ship building, pirate hat making, painting, decoupage, and so much more! Last year the kids enjoyed making tons of exciting projects with different themes throughout the weeks.  I still have my jellyfish hanging in my dining room!